Vision Statement

St. Eugene De Mazenod Roman Catholic Church is a Christian community where all people are welcome. We celebrate our unity and our differences knowing that in the Holy Trinity our gifts are realized and shared. We dedicate ourselves to the Blessed Mother of Ludzmierz – our Lady of Good Concil, and have a strong devotion to Her. We invoke the intercession of our grate Patron – St. Eugene De Mazenod. We believe life is a journey of faith filled with love, hope, growth and service. We are committed to the Gospel values of Peace, Justice and Reconciliation.


Prayer and Sacramental Life

To provide all members of the community with a variety of opportunities to participate fully and experience our Catholic faith.

Enrich the liturgical experience by increasing the participation of:

  • Children and teens
  • Adult lay ministers
  • Singers and musicians
  • Develop and sustain various devotional forms of prayer.
  • Provide a flexible space for the celebration of the Sacraments and worship needs of the community.

“The Church was made manifest to the world on the day of Pentecost by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit… . The gift of the Spirit ushers in a new era… . In this age of the Church, Christ now lives and acts in and with His Church, in a new way appropriate to this new age. He acts through the sacraments in what the common Tradition of the East and West calls “the sacramental economy”; this is the communication (or “dispensation”) of the fruits of Christ’s Paschal mystery in the celebration of the Church’s “sacramental” liturgy”. (Catechism of the Catholic Church – libreria editrice vaticana, 1994)

Mission Statement

The mission of St. Eugene De Mazenod Parish is to build and nurture the Christian community through the consistent sharing of prayer and sacramental life, faith formation, hospitality, outreach, stewardship and evangelization in the unity with the Holy Father.

Faith Formation

To provide an environment for spiritual growth and lifelong learning in the Catholic Faith and Tradition.

  1. Provide ongoing structured education for all age groups.
  2. Develop and promote small faith groups.
  3. Enhance the quality and availability of educational resources.


  1. To build and nurture an inviting, open and caring community
  2. Develop and sustain a process to make everyone welcome.
  3. Develop networking among our families, neighbors, and institutions.
  4. Provide social gatherings.
  5. Provide childcare for parish activities when possible.
  6. Be aware of and to respond to people with special needs.


To raise parish awareness of the needs of the wider community. To be an advocate for the oppressed and to advance the social justice agenda of the Church.

  1. Identify those to be served and prioritize the needs.
  2. Teach the social justice agenda of the Church.
  3. Provide physical and material assistance to those in need.
  4. Organize networking among care providers.


To acknowledge gratefully that all we have and who we are belongs to God. To share responsibly and generously our gifts and return them with increase to the Lord.

  1. Create a parish talent bank.
  2. Promote the solicitation, participation, support and recognition of our volunteers.
  3. Launch a time and talent campaign

Evangelization in the unity with the Holy Father

To share the Good News and nurture personal conversion in order to realize the Reign of God.

  1. To promote a greater understanding of the meaning of Evangelization.
  2. To foster dialogue and cooperation with other faith communities.
  3. To develop and sustain a process to reach out to all members of our parish community; inactive and disenfranchised Catholics; non-Catholic family members; those with no church affiliation; and the wider community.
  4. To raise parish awareness that the Church continues to be taught, sanctified and guided by the apostles until Christ’s return, through their successors in pastoral office: the college of bishops, “assisted by priests, in union with the successor of Peter, the Church’s supreme pastor” (Ad Gentes).