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The John Paul II – 1000
Business & Professional Club

We are pleased to announce that on Jan. 8, 2004, Father Adam FILAS, O.M.I, Pastor of St. Eugene de Mazenod Mission in Brampton, ON launched the long-awaited “John Paul II – 1000 Professional & Business Club” (in brief: “John Paul II – Club 1000”).  At the Club¢s first meeting, an interim Steering Committee was elected:  Andrew Krawczyk – Chair,  Stan Szaflarski – Vice Chair , Elizabeth Wolska – 2nd Vice Chair and Peter Hoffman and Christopher Endras. members

The “John Paul II – Club 1000” was established in response to the needs of the Polish and Canadian Business people and Professionals themselves, as well as the challenge – a Millennium Project – for the Brampton Polish Community to build a place of worship.  Thanks to the ongoing kindness and friendship of Archbishop Stanisław Dziwisz, the Pope¢s Secretary, the Holy Father has been following with keen interest the development of this project. He has imparted his apostolic blessing.

  1. To ensure spiritual formation based on Christian values and work ethics
  2. To facilitate interaction among Business people and Professionals
  3. To foster mutual cooperation and support
  4. To exchange ideas and experiences
  5. To give energetic support to cultural heritage and traditions
  6. To foster greater sensitivity to charitable needs (at present, the building of St. Eugene de Mazenod Church, Copernicus Lodge, Catholic Youth Studio, the Missions)
  7. To promote excellence, quality, and professionalism, and to ensure that Businesspeople and Professionals of Polish background are recognized widely by their peers throughout North America.
  1. To live out the Catholic social teachings in solidarity with the Holy Father – a great honour and privilege
  2. Participating in an organization of great distinction and purpose – a first in the history of  the Polish-Canadian Community
  3. A plaque with one¢s name or business in the crypt of St. Eugene de Mazenod Church
  4. A Papal blessing for each Professional or Businessperson
  5. The Community¢s enduring gratitude
  6. The publication of a special edition of the “John Paul II – Club 1000” Directory
  1. A desire for personal growth in faith and holiness, and a commitment to the values of Christian living.
  2. A $1,000 first Membership contribution, to be passed on entirely to the St. Eugene de Mazenod Church Building Fund.
  3. A desire to build a united, strong and responsible Polish and Canadian Community, based on principles of fellowship, solidarity, mutual support, forgiveness and a passion for all that is good and positive.

To create a congenial, welcoming family atmosphere; to attain a  membership of 1,000; and to pursue the Club’s objectives tirelessly.